I’m Akshay Srivastav, Smart Contract Auditor & Independent Security Researcher.

I am currently performing audits on Code4rena where I rank among the top wardens. I have found numerous critical bugs in DeFi projects which could have resulted in major loss to the protocol and its users. A deep urge to find bugs and secure the web3 ecosystem wakes me up early on every monday morning.

I did Engineering in Computer Science in 2019 and since then I have been working in the web3 space as a Software Engineer. I have worked with various organisations where I developed multiple DeFi products like lending markets, DEXs, farming strategies, airdrops, oracle systems, user interfaces, dashboards, monitoring bots, liquidation bots, subgraphs and backend apis. I have lead various teams of Engineers to successfully delivers various products.

My current goal is to provide as much value to the web3 ecosystem as possible with the skill set I possess. Please feel free to ping me and have chat about all possible synergies.